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Exceptionally closed

On Saturday, June 22, we will open at 6 PM because we will be exceptionally closed earlier in the day due to a private event. But we have good news: you can also host your own party in our venue!

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Welcome to Bistro De Kroon in Neerijse, Flemish Brabant!

Our goal is to turn Bistro De Kroon into a vibrant catering business, steeped in the rich traditions of Delvaux beer. As an authentic restaurant in Neerijse, we strive to offer a unique culinary experience where tradition and taste come together, according to Iris, Benny, and Stephen, who are enthusiastically working to revive this historic gem.

Enjoy a warm atmosphere, delicious dishes and the unique charm of our bistro and discover the rich flavors and traditions that characterize our cuisine. See you soon at Bistro De Kroon, your favorite restaurant in Neerijse


Our vision

At Bistro De Kroon we feel connected to the word "GOESTING". It stands for warmth, desire and enthusiasm, but also for good food, drinks, pleasant activities, a rich life or a loving relationship. In short, things that you do with full 'GOESTING'. It goes without saying that we strive to be more than a brasserie or bistro.

In addition, it is our ambition to grow into a regional experience center where Delvaux beer plays the leading role and we are also going for this with full 'GOESTING'.

Regional experience centre

At Bistro De Kroon, high-quality Delvaux beer is central. Our brewery and laboratory are the beating heart of our location. We organize various activities on a regular basis. Ranging from fascinating tours to inspiring corporate events and team building activities, where the unique character of Delvaux always takes center stage.

In this way we strive to create a barrel (Delvaux) full of history, a lively place where the passion for Delvaux truly comes to life.

Our Beers


Monday-Tuesday: closed

Wednesday-Thursday-Sunday: 11am-11pm
kitchen open from 12pm-2pm and from 6pm-9.30pm

Friday-Saturday: 11am-12pm
kitchen open from 12pm-2pm and from 6pm-9.30pm