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On Saturday, June 22, we will open at 6 PM because we will be exceptionally closed earlier in the day due to a private event. But we have good news: you can also host your own party in our venue!

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Our Beers

Brouwerij De Kroon is a special address for those who love specialty beers. Here they are conceived, made, drunk and monitored. It is a unique combination of brewing art and gastronomy, a creative family business in a beautiful historical setting.

Job De Kroon Neerijse | TableFever


Blond, 6.0% alc. Job is the nickname of beer professor Freddy Delvaux. The unfiltered, straw-blond beer is distinguished by its freshness, fruity aroma and a nice soft but slightly bitter taste. The typical top yeast used for this beer gives a beer with a strong fruity taste of bananas and at the same time a spicy taste of vanilla and cloves. Pleasant citrus hop notes complete the beer... balanced and complex at the same time!

Super Kroon De Kroon Neerijse | TableFever


Pale Ale, Amber, 6.5% alc. An old recipe from the Brewery - then Special Crown - that is being recreated. The wonderful aroma of the Super Kroon is the result of the use of caramel malts, a bold fermentation with wild yeasts and extra intense hopping. Unexpected fruity aromas with accents of green apple and blackcurrant, together with the caramel, determine the nose of the beer. In addition, there are clear phenolic impressions that give the beer an untamed light earthy character. The taste of the beer is pleasantly dry, which brings out the clearly present bitterness. While the bitterness lingers slightly in the aftertaste, the fruity scents continue to challenge your sense of smell.

Professor De Kroon Neerijse | TableFever


Special Golden Amber, 8% alc. Professor Delvaux is a heavy Belgian Pale Ale: It is a seductive beer with a multitude of fine, subtle aromas in the nose. Warm fruit notes of banana and exotic fruit alternate with fresh green aromas of apple and citrus, all supported by a subtle caramel touch. The beautiful winey and creamy flavors caress the mouth. The professor is elegant, full sweet and beautifully balanced.

Our Seasonal Beers

Taste the passion and celebrate spring!

Tripel De Kroon

Belgian tripel, 8% alc. The aroma of this Tripel immediately reveals the use of carefully selected malts, hints of caramel and biscuit welcome the taster and continue in the beautiful round taste. Creamy banana cream and a spicy note of citrus combine pleasantly with the green hops of this robust tripel.

Petit Delvaux

Small blond, 2% alc. Our small is made from an alcohol-free beer based on the Delvaux recipe and flavored with the original Delvaux to an alcohol content of 2% v/v. The fruity notes of Delvaux are beautifully expressed in the beer, with the citrus and floral elements taking the upper hand. The taste is soft and full, as befits a real Delvaux.

Pina Maria

Blonde, 6.8% alc. This fresh and fruity blond beer makes you dream of tropical destinations. The notes of exotic fruit go hand in hand with the freshness of citrus. A characterful tribute to the woman next to brewmaster Freddy Delvaux.